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 internet music program... a lo Cubano!


Host: Duniel Deya

ArtistTitle Album
1. Acheré Andar la Habana Anteprima/Unreleased
2. Salsa Mayor Mucho Cuidao Anteprima/Unreleased (Cuba)
3. Cubanito 20 02 Tu Te Lo Pierdes Tocame (Norte)
4. Salsa Matriz El Lunar de Lola Anteprima/Unreleased
5. Dayron y su Boom Donde Esta Tu Amor Anteprima/Unreleased
6. Chambo Mirate Bien Anteprima/Unreleased
7. Dan Den La Habana en Guanabacoa Anteprima/Unreleased
8. Paulito FG Un Poquito de Tó Un Poquito De To'
9. Soneros All Stars Dime Nagüe Dime Nagüe
10. Bamboleo Todo Lo Bonito Anteprima/Unreleased

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Salsa2Salsa Internet Music Webcast is dedicated to promoting Cuban popular music around the world.

Cuban Salsa, better know in Cuba as Timba, is gaining popularity with dancers and music aficionados all over the world.

Timba incorporates elements of classical music, funk, R&B, Hip Hop, and Latin jazz.

Our music repetoire includes the fine work of some of Cuba's greatest Timba bands: Los Van Van, Pupy y Los que son son, Charanga Habanera, Azucar Negra, Adalberto Alvarez y su Son, Manolito y su Trabuco, Paulito FG y su Elite, NG La Banda and Issac Delgado.

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Havana Heat:



"Directamente al Mambo"

Produced and arranged by Bill Wolfer


Bill Wolfer (Photo: Cristian Muñoz)


Roberton Hernandez (Photo: Cristian Muñoz)


Miguelito Armas and son (Photo: Cristian Muñoz)


Sixto "El Indio" Llorente (Photo: Cristian Muñoz)


José Gómez (Photo: Cristian Muñoz)


Nicolas Gaston (Photo: Cristian Muñoz)


Manolito Simonet (Photo: Cristian Muñoz)


Alexis Sanchez (Photo: Cristian Muñoz)


Reinier Elizarde (Photo: Cristian Muñoz)

This website and music program is run entirely by the efforts of volunteers who believe in supporting and promoting Cuban music around the world.

If you enjoy our program and appreciate our efforts, please consider making a donation by clicking on the button below.

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ArtistTitle Album
1. Salsa Mayor Esto Esta/Cambia Tu Faceta Unreleased/Anteprima
2. Mamborama Puro y Temba Directamente Al Mambo
3. Manolito y su Trabuco Comunicate Hablando En Serio
4. Charanga Habanera Hit Parade El Ciclón de La Habana
5. Los Van Van Como Soy Unreleased/Anteprima
6. Paulo FG Un Poquito De To' Unreleased/Anteprima
7. Tirso Duarte Eso No Es Problema Mio Timba Cubana
8. Azucar Negra Toque Natural Unreleased/Anteprima
9. Pupy y Los Que Son Son Al Final Mi Timba "Cerra"
10. Adalberto Alvarez y su Son
Un Pariente en el Campo Mi Linda Habanera


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